Aviation Products and Maintenance Joint-stock Company (AVPM) is an engineering service company, with the overarching goal is supplying aviation equipment along with the best before and after-sales technical services for the customers. The services provided by the company include warranty service, maintenance service, and periodic maintenance and overhaul services on request.
With serious investment, building infrastructure services, long-term customer network with the support of the specialized equipment overseas manufacturers, our company is trying to become the top service provider for quality in the aviation industry in Vietnam.
With the motto of dedication, quality service, reasonable prices and with criteria of customer satisfaction is the success of AVPM, our company has been contributing to the cost reduction, long equipment service life and improve quality of specialized equipment service to help the aviation industry units operate more efficiently.

Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015  

The company is one of the leading companies providing equipment and maintenance services in Vietnam. The company is always known as a supplier of products and services with good quality. There are good policies for employees based on capacity, discipline and the level of employee contributions to the development of the Company. The goal of the company is to build a long-term production and business strategy of stable, sustainable development, build a prestigious brand to increase competitiveness in the market.

AVPM's mission is a long-term commitment. Purpose and action are unified. AVPM will make every effort to provide customers and partners with the best value. The company's current business activities include: Providing equipment and aviation maintenance services. Business field in the near future: - Customers of the Company are ground service companies, apron and airport - Providing equipment and maintenance services of good quality for customers. There are many preferential policies for employees in the company.


"Quality is the goal and motivation for AVPM company to exist and develop"

Aviation Equipment and Maintenance Joint Stock Company is a pioneer in applying advanced technology in Aviation Maintenance Service. The Board of Directors and all employees of the Company are committed:
  1. Always provide the best pre-and post-sales technical products, services, meeting customer requirements and statutory requirements.
  2. Time to service repair and maintenance services is the fastest, minimizing downtime of equipment and improving exploitation efficiency.
  3. Do not stop researching and developing new solutions.
  4. Building a professional working environment based on the aspiration, trust, creativity, collective spirit, learning spirit and perseverance of each individual in the company.
  5. Constantly improve the lives of workers, well perform all responsibilities of enterprises with society.
  6. Develop, implement, maintain and continuously improve the Quality Management System according to ISO9001-2015 standards.