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Aviation Products and Maintenance Joint-stock Company (AVPM) is an engineering service company, with the overarching goal is supplying aviation equipment along with the best before and after-sales technical services for the customers. The services provided by the company include warranty service, maintenance service, and periodic maintenance and overhaul services on…

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TLD The TMX-150 aircraft towing tractor

Manufacturer TLD The TMX-150 aircraft towing tractor, with a maximum draw bar pull up to 12 000 daN (27,000 lbs), is designed to perform push and pull operations on narrow and medium body A/C, (as CRJ100 to 900ER, ATR 42/72, BAE 146, Embraer 135 to 190, Saab 2000, Fokker 70/100, B717, B727, 7 37, B757, […]

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